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Vishal Singh

Team Member

Vishaldeep Singh is a dedicated correctional officer who embarked on his career journey in 2014. As an immigrant who arrived in this country with nothing but hope, Vishal deeply appreciates and cherishes the opportunities this land of opportunity has provided him. His drive to give back to the community stems from his own struggles as an immigrant, where he experienced the challenges of being an outcast and the longing to belong. Fueled by his desire to be a positive role model for those in the community who may be seeking guidance or can relate to his journey, Vishal is committed to making a difference in people’s lives. He understands the importance of having role models to look up to, especially for individuals facing similar struggles. 

Beyond his role as a correctional officer, Vishal is a passionate competitor in natural bodybuilding, excelling as a men’s physique and classic athlete. He believes in the value of hard work and earning every bit of success, a principle that has guided him throughout his life. In his spare time, Vishal continues to engage with his community through organizations such as KidsPlay Foundation Calgary in seeking opportunities to mentor and support those in need. Vishal is an active volunteer who continues to participate in and assist in planning events to keep youth away from the lifestyle of crime, drugs, gangs and violence. His dedication to his profession, commitment to personal growth, and passion for giving back exemplify his unwavering determination to make a positive impact, both within and beyond the walls of the correctional facility.

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