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Sandip Singh

Team Member

Sandip has been  a volunteer with KidsPlay Foundation Calgary since its start in Calgary in 2020. He currently works as an Estimator in the construction field. He grew up in India and came to Canada 10 years ago to pursue further education. Growing up he was fortunate to have a positive influence around him in the form of parents, friends, and cousins who kept him focused and on the right path in life. Volunteering for KidsPlay gives him a purpose to help, guide, and support our youth the same way he was supported by keeping  the youth focused on their goal in life and keeping them away from a lifestyle of gangs, drugs, and violence. Service to the community is a part of his faith which keeps him motivated to give back to the community

He has volunteered at all the events held by Calgary team which includes – Skating night, Toy drives, Food Drives, Basketball tournament, Football and Soccer event.

“I strongly feel that no kids should trickle down the wrong path due to lack of guidance and mentorship. We as a community are responsible for the actions of our youth. If we don’t point them in the right direction, we don’t have the right to point fingers at others for not doing their part”

In his free time he likes to golf and spend time with family and friends

His future goals are to become a police officer to keep our community safe and give back to his community. “I would want to be more involved in community policing”.

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