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Prabhvir Tiwana

Team Member

Prabhvir is an undergraduate student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He is working towards a career in Law Enforcement. Prabhvir is a well involved member in the community and has been tirelessly working to build the community in the past few years. He aims to help the youth from falling victim to the harsh lifestyle of drug use and gangs. Prabhvir has been able to pursue this goal through Kids Play Youth Foundation, a registered nonprofit working towards keeping youth away from a lifestyle of drugs, gangs and violence.

He joined Kids Play when he witnessed the negative impact Drug use and gang violence has had on his community. After realizing the damaging effects such a lifestyle holds, he has chosen to combat this by aiming to help vulnerable youth in avoiding this reoccurring issue our society faces. Prabhvir has developed himself into a role model that children look up to. He has grown from a general volunteer to now an Executive of Kids Play.

Through Kids Play he has learned valuable skills and moral lessons which have shown him the harsh realities of the world but has also shown him what needs to be done to effectively make a change in our community. He has held multiple events in our community ranging from Educational forums to sports events. Prabhvir is a strong believer in the ideologies Kids Play was formed on. He believes that to help our youth from falling victim to the wrong path, education and sports must be implemented.

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