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Paban Dhaliwal

Team Member

Paban began his policing career in 2003. He has focused his career on and is passionate about Community Based Policing, Diversity, Gang Prevention and Youth Development. Throughout his career he has continually volunteered with and championed many initiatives to make his community a better place. He has been a member or volunteer of various boards, committees and initiatives. Paban worked with a high school to develop a wrestling program and became the assistant coach. Paban also started an annual community clean-up to build a bridge between the students and the surrounding community and to give the students a sense of ownership and pride within the community. His vision was to create a safer and cleaner atmosphere, one where pride and ownership was evident. This event continued well after Paban transferred to new roles. In 2020, Paban worked with Kidsplay to expand the program to Calgary. One of the first initiatives was a successful toy drive in support of Toy Angels.

Paban believes that it takes a village to raise a child and by being involved in positive activities this prevents kids from being pulled into negative directions. With this in mind he built and formalized a network, which includes both formal and informal leaders in sports, performing arts and music, to work together towards crime, drug and violence prevention.

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