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Manraj Saran

Team Member

Manraj has been volunteering at Kidsplay Foundation since 2016. His first ever Kidsplay event was at the 2016 Vancouver Nagar Kirtan. Manraj at first thought he wasn’t going to enjoy being a part of Kidsplay but over time helping to make a difference in the community made him more passionate about volunteering. Manraj was born and raised in Surrey BC but he has recently moved to Calgary in 2018. He has brought the Kidsplay community along with him and takes responsibility for hosting/leading events and helping out as one of our youngest leaders in the Calgary Chapter. 

Manraj is a student attending SAIT as a heavy duty technician. Manraj’s favorite memory of Kidsplay was the Surrey Nagar Kirtan when he would dress up as the mascot. Manraj was motivated because he always enjoyed helping people out, but his main reason for joining Kidsplay Foundation was because his biggest influence was his cousin, Kiran Toor, who is currently the Vice President of Kidsplay Foundation.

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