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Manbir Kaur

Team Member

Manbir is a single mother of two children. She went through a difficult marriage with constant mental and other types of abuse. She had the opportunity of either going through this hell of a life or break the societal norms and stigmas of separation. Making the choice of leaving that life she went through numerous struggles. We say we live in a modern and new world but we yet have to make this society a safer place for many women like Manbir.

The constant labelling and negative comments only make a dreadful situation like this worse for the person. She refused to go through that torture and put her children through it and made the choice many fear. It was not easy for her then and it hasn’t been easy still but she is determined to make healthier choices for a healthier life. At the end of her dreadful divorce, Manbir was left with close to nothing financially. Everything had to be started from ground up again. She went to school and became a nurse.

She is also a make-up artist. To this day, she receives minimal support for her children from their father and raises them with two jobs. She resorted to fitness to handle the constant pressures and expectations. She used that as a positive outlet to relieve her stress. She is on her way to competing in fitness competitions. Manbir joined our team to not only create a safe space for young women and men, but to also instill in her children a passion that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. She is a believer in Karma and believes she has been able to achieve strength through all the good she has done for those around her.

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