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Gurleen Sohi

Team Member

Gurleen Sohi has been an active volunteer with KidsPlay Foundation Calgary since the summer of 2023. In addition to her volunteer work, she has been deeply involved in sports since 2014, both as an athlete and a coach. With a background that includes being a competitive amateur boxer and wrestler, Gurleen’s first event with KidsPlay was the Multi Sports day event. Since then, she has played a key role in planning and organizing various events such as the Ball Hockey Tournament, Skate Night, and Reading Night. Witnessing firsthand the impact of these events on youth has been a driving force for Gurleen, motivating her to continue her efforts in helping young individuals. 

Gurleen’s extensive background in sports, starting from a young age and including her experience as a competitive amateur boxer and wrestler, serves as a solid foundation for fostering community unity and promoting healthy lifestyles. Through her involvement with KidsPlay, she has actively contributed to steering youth away from negative influences such as gangs, drugs, and violence. Gurleen strongly believes in the transformative power of sports and community engagement, recognizing how these factors can positively influence youth and guide them towards constructive paths. Her dedication lies in creating positive change within the community, ensuring that every child has equal opportunities to pursue their interests and aspirations. 

Gurleen believes that KidsPlay is a family that continues to grow.

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