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Gurjot Tiwana

Team Member

Gurjot is a 28 year old individual who is passionate, enthusiastic and versatile to life long learning and teaching.

Currently employed with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) as a Correctional Peace Officer, he works with individuals in conflict with the law and Aboriginal affairs. Prior to his employment with CSC he was working with youth in the province of Alberta at the Calgary Young Offenders Centre (CYOC).

His commitment and drive towards positive change has governed him to always give back to communities and people that are facing challenging times. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Athabasca, he has committed himself to volunteering with the Calgary Crime Stoppers Association previously and currently with The Kids Play Foundation as he believes positive change is a path forward to a healthly future.

He is the owner to a beautiful puppy Bubbles, a parrot Milo and also a husband to an inspiring wife Pavan, who all challange and motivate him to achieve higher success day in and day out; which help him to assist others in florishing and striving to avhive their full true potential.

Aside from his work life and volunteering experience, he loves to blow steam by soaking in nature’s perstine presence and properties. He loves to participate in hiking, skiing, kayaking and swimming as they are some of the things that are very dear to his heart. He also has a deep love for sports such as soccer and running since early childhood as these are some of the things that allow him to keep healthly for a clear, free and consicous mind that is critical and crucial in carrying out day to day duties whether at work or at home with his friends and loved ones.

His future goal is to become an Officer with the Clagary Police Service as he has dedicated to work harder and harder each day; along with his passion towards helping people and giving back to communities to achieve this goal.

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