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Anisha Ubi

Team Member

Anisha began volunteering with Kidsplay Foundation Calgary in 2023 with her first event being the 2023 Canadian Knightsfall Championships. Anisha has been an active volunteer in various Kidsplay events such as Ball Hockey Tournaments, Multi Sports Day Events, and Reading Nights-Skate Night being her favorite so far. She has also helped a bit behind the scenes in planning and making posters for events. 

Anisha dedicates her time to making a positive difference in peoples’ lives through her position as a Medical Lab Assistant, as well as organizations such as Kidsplay Foundation. Beyond volunteering, she enjoys basketball, hiking, and traveling. Coming together with the other volunteers, we are fostering a brighter future for youth; one that doesn’t involve gangs and violence. We may not be able to build the future for our youth, but we can all come together to shape our youth for the future.

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