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Amandeep Gill

Team Member

Amandeep Gill has been a volunteer with the KidsPlay Foundation since 2017. While volunteering with KidsPlay, Amandeep has gotten the chance to work with many great individuals that also strive to give back to the community. Influential mentors like Kal Dosanjh have helped Amandeep push himself to greater heights. One of his most memorable times being a volunteer with KidsPlay came from helping in the 2020 summer camps.

Many children were not involved in activities for quite some time due to COVID-19 and the KidsPlay camps were many children’s first exposure to such activities in a long time. Helping with the camps was not only fun for the children involved but was fun for him as well. Being able to work with youth and putting them on the right track is something Amandeep finds important and satisfying. This is because he believes that the youth hold the key to bettering the future and we must help forge them into the best versions of themselves in order to assure a bright future.

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