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KidsPlay Foundation in Punjab, India

Punjab, India is critical in determining the success of KidsPlay goals, globally. Pardeep Singh, the lead coordinator, has been entrusted with the task of coordinating the KidsPlay goals, mapping schemes related to the shared values and targets, and identifying lead and supporting communities to reach each target. In addition, the team has been leading discussions for developing national indicators for the program. State governments are key to India’s progress, as they are best placed to ‘put people first’ and to ensure that ‘no one is left behind’. The KidsPlay Team in India supports efforts to address the interconnectedness of the goals, to ensure that no one is left behind and to advocate for adequate financing to achieve the desired outcomes.

Sports and mentorship are at the heart of programs run in Punjab. Each day, youth are able to attend free programs after school. This is where they engage with mentors who are able to guide them to reach their potential – in many cases, there is lack of or absence of positive role models. This is where our team steps in to bridge the gap between these brilliant minds and their future goals.

If you would like to get involved please email us at punjab@kidsplayfoundation.com

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