Project Hugs - Helping U Get Support

A graphic of people helping each other.

Promote and create partnerships within communities to:

  • Strengthen community capacity
  • Increase support for vulnerable pregnant women and new parents

Ensure culturally sensitive prenatal support for:

  • Indigenous women
  • Recent immigrants
  • Teenage pregnancy

Project HUGS promotes the healthy development of young children from birth to age 6, who face challenges that put their health at risk, such as:

  • Poverty
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Substance use
  • Family violence

Through this initiative, the organization is serving vulnerable children and parents/caregivers.

Types of support

KidsPlay Foundation adapts activities to meet the needs of the people we serve. Some programs include:

  • Nutrition counselling
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Nutritional hamper program
  • Food preparation training
  • Counselling in prenatal health and lifestyle
  • Breastfeeding education and support
  • Education and support on infant care and child development
  • Referrals to other agencies and services

Improve healthy child development by:

  • Improving parenting skills and parent-child relationships
  • Decreasing social isolation
  • Increasing child self-esteem
  • Providing child-focused activities, such as afterschool programs and play groups

Promote and create partnerships within communities to:

  • Actively involve the people we serve in the planning, managing, developing, delivering, and evaluation of their programs
  • Strengthen community capacity
  • Support vulnerable children and their families
  • Nutritional support and collective kitchens
  • Family resource centres
  • Parenting classes and drop-in groups
  • Child health and development activities
  • Specialized programs, such as support for parents dealing with ubstance abuse


To inquire about this program, please email or call 778-320-6540.

KidsPlay Youth Foundation - 10318 Whalley Blvd #1 Surrey, BC V3T 4H4