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KidsPlay Foundation runs free environment programs – Operation Green

The Environment team consists of a group of young people passionate about protecting the environment and taking climate action. In their communities and beyond, they have demonstrated leadership in these areas and are inspiring others to do the same.

Climate change is one of the most defining environmental challenges of this time. Young people are among those leading the charge toward a cleaner future. We need youth perspectives to ensure the planet’s transition to a prosperous and low-carbon future is sustainable and inclusive.

Research suggests that separation from nature results in reduced ecological literacy and lack of interest in environmental stewardship. Studies have shown that youth think a healthy, sustainable environment should be a top priority for governments. 

However, this belief does not necessarily translate into action by youth to take leadership roles on environmental issues. The Operation Green team runs multiple events throughout the year – from tree planting to hosting educational presentations and activities during spring and summer breaks. 

Join the Operation Green team and raise awareness on climate change.

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