Counselling Services

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Mental health is a fundamental part of one's upbringing and can have a profound effect on a child’s future and the decisions they make. We believe it is essential to educate the youth to learn a healthy way to express their emotions. Along with many other programs we organize to give youth developmental opportunities and help them avoid a lifestyle of drugs and crime, our counselling team has been working with a number of individuals to provide a safe place where they can feel comfortable to express thoughts, give back to their community and enrich themselves.

Our team of counsellors are highly qualified and well experienced. Taking initiative on learning the individual’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours to understand them as a whole and the reasoning behind their actions. Working one-on-one with the youth and helping people of all ages with anxiety and depression: addressing grief and loss, as well as any other challenges.

Our goal is to help those who seek help, understand their past and how their childhood may have affected their present. In doing so, we can help them focus on their future by engaging them in positive outlets to move forward.

Engaging in exercise and eating clean is the first step in creating a positive lifestyle. Exercise is a form of self care which can help battle symptoms of mental health. It can help reduce stress levels, negative thoughts and feelings and can also improve one's body image and self esteem. This can be a great start for someone who feels low and lacks the motivation to move around and work on themselves. This can further result in increased self satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment for taking care of oneself.

Our team specializes in helping individuals learn forms of self care, grounding exercises, and helping them grow as individuals. Each life matters.

We provide many counselling services (some services are provided with partnering agencies). These services are provided on a one-on-one basis, and group sessions. We run these sessions three times a week.

  • Career planning and career transition
  • Confidential consultation and assessment
  • Counselling with licensed therapists
  • Coaching by experienced executives

Through our consultation, coaching, mentoring and counselling services, we foster the insight our clients need to make wise decisions and to turn challenging situations into development opportunities.

Our team focuses on learning needs on an individual basis and creates effective strategies to move toward their objectives. Our focus is on enhancing competence at all levels.

Please email to inquire about free counselling services.