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Rana Singh Sethi

Rana Singh Sethi is a web developer and runs Design Science, a digital creative agency. He is passionate about technology and is an entrepreneur at heart. He launched his first web development company while studying computer science at SFU. He has launched a South Asian news aggregator called SporaPost.com and is currently working on developing mobile applications for the real estate and medical fields.

He has seen the effects of positive mentorship first hand. While in India on vacation, 7 years ago, he helped his grandmother setup a school for underprivileged children. This school provides any child with free primary and secondary education. Some of these children have been able to pursue higher education and have gotten jobs after graduating.

He also witnessed the positive impact right here at home while helping his brother with an after school sports program for the YMCA.

This program catered to at risk youth and provided them with a positive atmosphere in which they could participate in sports activities during the time their parents were not at home. The goal was to help these children build their self-esteem and keep them away from a potentially dangerous path.

Since then, Rana has wanted to make a greater impact in the community. He feels he can accomplish this through his entrepreneurship and his involvement with Kids Play.

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