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Board Members

  • Kal Dosanjh

    Founder & CEO

    Kal Dosanjh is a veteran officer with a law enforcemen agency. With over 15 years as a patrol officer, he recently transferred to the Domestic Violence Section as a detective. He also served on the Firearms Interdiction Team, Drug Squad, as an Undercover Operator,  Acting Sargent on the riot squad and has also assisted on large scale investigations in various capacities.

    The types of calls included homicides, robberies, serious assaults, in addition to dealing with violent drug dealers, gang members and individuals suffering from mental health issues. On account of the various types of dangerous calls he responded too,  and his community work, he recieved several commendations.  Kal also sits on various boards, which includes and has included:

    SOAR Philanthropic Society, BC Human Rights Coalition, Odd Squad Productions Society, Sahara Services Society, Junior Chamber of Commerce.

    In addition to serving as a positive role model for youth, Kal also promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle. He has competed internationally in the 2009 World Police Fire games, where he placed in the top 5 in the world for powerlifting. Kal strongly believes that engaging our youth in sports, will play a significant role in diverting them away from a life in gangs and drugs. To this end, he conceived and implemented a large scale soccer program for Downtown Eastside inner city youth, called the Police Athletic League Youth Soccer Tournament. The program has grown exponentially over the years, and this year took place in BC Place Stadium with approximately 1000 youth participating.

    Kal has taken this message of helping our youth to all channels of media, which includes,  t.v., newspapers, magazines and radios, in his attempt to connect with youth. This also includes his own show on fitness, aptly named “Desi Beasts”. Kal has run various sports projects for youth, in addition to being engaged with the community through various speaking engagements and public appearances.

  • Rana Singh Sethi

    Rana Singh Sethi is a web developer and runs Design Science, a digital creative agency. He is passionate about technology and is an entrepreneur at heart. He launched his first web development company while studying computer science at SFU. He has launched a South Asian news aggregator called SporaPost.com and is currently working on developing mobile applications for the real estate and medical fields.

    He has seen the effects of positive mentorship first hand. While in India on vacation, 7 years ago, he helped his grandmother setup a school for underprivileged children. This school provides any child with free primary and secondary education. Some of these children have been able to pursue higher education and have gotten jobs after graduating.

    He also witnessed the positive impact right here at home while helping his brother with an after school sports program for the YMCA.

    This program catered to at risk youth and provided them with a positive atmosphere in which they could participate in sports activities during the time their parents were not at home. The goal was to help these children build their self-esteem and keep them away from a potentially dangerous path.

    Since then, Rana has wanted to make a greater impact in the community. He feels he can accomplish this through his entrepreneurship and his involvement with Kids Play.

  • Manraj Johal

    Manraj joined KidsPlay in 2019, similar to why most of our team did; to enforce change in our communities. He began volunteering because he wants to help create a better future for the coming generations and give people opportunities when they don’t see any. Manraj graduated from the Justice Institute of British Columbia with a Diploma in Law Enforcement Studies. Manraj is currently a Correctional Officer with BC Corrections. He aims to join a police department very soon.

    Manraj was born in Abbotsford and moved to Langley right before the gang violence began to escalate. As he grew older, he realized that every kid that chooses the wrong path does so for a reason. For every negative, it could have been a positive. Manraj has held an integral role in running the mentorship programs in Abbotsford and Langley. He also helped organize KidsPlay’s first ever Summer Camp during Covid. Through these programs, Manraj believes we can help the kids out there who truly need help, even if it is one kid at a time.

  • Talvir Sahota

    Talvir Sahota is a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Growing up in this city has made him into who he is today. An older brother, a son, and a resident of this city, Talvir recognizes his responsibility to give back to his community that has given him so much. His endless love for his community has led him to becoming an RCMP officer at a young age of 21. While attending high school, he came across a presentation where Kal was a speaker. That was the moment of proliferation for him.

    He had seen too much in his surroundings, the ongoing gangs, violence, and substance abuse. He came to a realization that it was now time to take action. He approached Kal and started volunteering on a regular basis. Talvir took on the role of a lead volunteer during the inception of KidsPlay Foundation. His dedication and commitment has helped us serve over 75 000 youth in the Lower Mainland. Talvir has become a role model for youth on the account of his commitment to his community and fitness. Getting into a law enforcement career is not an easy task. It takes a lot of an individual and for Talvir to be able to accomplish this at such a young age, it is commendable.

  • Manmeet Dhanoa

  • Charlie Dosanjh

    Charlie Dosanjh, a Deputy Sheriff with the British Columbia Sheriff Service, has been an integral part of Kidsplay Foundation since its inception in 2015. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a Certificate in Communications from the University of the Fraser Valley. Under the strong leadership, mentoring, and vision of Vancouver police officer and founder of Kidsplay Foundation, Kal Dosanjh, Charlie has realized that today’s youth need to feel a sense of community, belonging, and the ability to dream big with goals and aspirations in life.

    Charlie’s greatest joy through putting on countless events, is seeing where the Kidsplay Foundation has started, where it is now, and to where it is going. Not only is he a volunteer, he is a product of Kidsplay. Charlie has recognized the importance of bringing positive change within today’s youth in the community for a better tomorrow.

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