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KidsPlay Foundation in Calgary, Alberta

KidsPlay expanded to Calgary in 2019 before the Covid 19 pandemic. As a new chapter, the team went through adversities during the pandemic to keep the momentum going and ensure youth were getting the needed services and support. 

The team works in partnership with local organizations to meet the community’s needs. 

KidsPlay Calgary encourages youth to get involved in service to their communities and gain valuable skills and experience that will benefit them in every aspect of life. It will also provide youth with service opportunities that currently do not exist. More meaningful volunteer and service opportunities mean more young people will have the chance to practice leadership, develop individual strengths, and gain essential life and work experiences. As a nationwide initiative, KidsPlay is helping more young Canadians to understand the importance of serving their communities, and instilling a sense of civic engagement and global citizenship.

 If you would like to get involved please email us at calgary@kidsplayfoundation.com


Outstanding Achievement in Sports

  • “This award recognizes a sports person or team/group/club which is a success on and off the field. They demonstrate the ideals of sportsmanship and a determination to achieve new heights. They are a recognized ambassador for their sport and are involved in promoting sports within and/or for the South Asian community.” – South Asian Inspiration Awards Website

Community Development Through Sport

  • “This award is presented to an immigrant or refugee who has made a significant impact on the lives of newcomers through sport.” – Immigration Services Calgary Website 

  • Paban Dhaliwal

    Paban began his policing career in 2003. He has focused his career on and is passionate about Community Based Policing, Diversity, Gang Prevention and Youth Development. Throughout his career he has continually volunteered with and championed many initiatives to make his community a better place. He has been a member or volunteer of various boards, committees and initiatives. Paban worked with a high school to develop a wrestling program and became the assistant coach. Paban also started an annual community clean-up to build a bridge between the students and the surrounding community and to give the students a sense of ownership and pride within the community. His vision was to create a safer and cleaner atmosphere, one where pride and ownership was evident. This event continued well after Paban transferred to new roles. In 2020, Paban worked with Kidsplay to expand the program to Calgary. One of the first initiatives was a successful toy drive in support of Toy Angels.

    Paban believes that it takes a village to raise a child and by being involved in positive activities this prevents kids from being pulled into negative directions. With this in mind he built and formalized a network, which includes both formal and informal leaders in sports, performing arts and music, to work together towards crime, drug and violence prevention.

  • Lovedeep Singh

    Lovedeep has been volunteering with Kidsplay Foundation Calgary since 2021. His first Kidsplay event was the 2021 Skate Night and Clothing Drive. Lovedeep, along with our senior leadership team in Calgary, have planned and hosted many events such as the annual Toy Drive, Basketball, Football, Ball Hockey and Soccer events. 

    Lovedeep is a post-secondary student enrolled in the Criminal Justice program. His goal is to become a law enforcement officer just like many other Kidsplay volunteers. During his free time, Lovedeep enjoys watching the Calgary Flames games and playing basketball.

    “It’s never too late to learn from your mistakes and become a better human.”

  • Harpal (Coach Harp) Sandhu

    Harpal Sandhu has been with the aviation industry since 1995. He founded the Coach Harp Organization in 2009 and the South Asian Sports Development Association in 2017. In 2018 Harp joined CAP Corporation as the Director of Football Development for them.

    Harpal has 35 years of community service which he has put community first. Giving back was instilled in him at a very early stage while he was playing football in late 80’s – 90’s.

    Harpal’s mentors were his football coaches. He is where he is because of their positive and inspiring teaching of life. He understands the full meaning of brotherhood.

    In his Coach Harp Organization, we help young athletes and risk youth overcome mental hurdles that holds them back from reaching their full potential. He helps these youth become better leaders tomorrow by showing them the world that they need to explore and grow in aspects of their life. He also helped retired professional and amateur athletes to gain their name back and start making a brand for themselves. He gives them a platform for their voice to be heard.

    In his South Asian Sport Development Association (SASDA) which is a nonprofit agency. He works to introduce sports to South Asian families and explain to them the importance of youth sports. He coaches young people from grades 4 – 12 and teaches them life and  leadership skills as well as a sense of community.

    “There are good people and bad people out there – that’s just life. The best thing you can do is just keep living with a big heart and remember the incredible value of a smile.” – Coach Harp

  • Arleen Dhaliwal

    My name is Arleen Kaur Dhaliwal and I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a bachelor’s degree in Classics from the University of Calgary. I have been a volunteer at kidsplay since 2021 and I have enjoyed my time as a volunteer greatly. I love being involved in bettering our community and I feel that children need our attention and a safe place to keep them entertained where they can be set on the right path in life. 

    Through Kidsplay, I believe I have been able to make a positive impact on our community. I have learned many valuable skills that will follow me into my daily life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to help out our community with kidsplay. I hope to be able to keep making a positive impact on our community through kidsplay foundation Calgary. I love seeing the smiles on the kids as they participate in our events. It brings me joy seeing the impact we can make on our community one step at a time.

  • Tarnpreet Sidhu

    Tarnpreet has actively been volunteering with Kidsplay Foundation Calgary since 2021, and participated in her first Kidsplay Foundation event which was a Skate Night and Clothing Drive in 2021. Since her first event, her dedication to making a difference in the community has only grown stronger. She along with our core volunteers are deeply invested in guiding youth away from the lifestyle of crime, gangs, drugs, and violence. She recognizes the vital role community support plays in this endeavor and is determined to provide a safe and nurturing environment for youth to thrive. Seeing the growing leadership and development of our volunteers and the youth is a significant motivator for her to persist in making a positive change in our community in every way she can. 

    Beyond her involvement with Kidsplay, Tarnpreet actively seeks out opportunities to serve her community, leveraging her time with organizations and programs such as UNICEF, the Rehabilitation and Fitness program and Respite Care for individuals with disabilities. Her commitment to building a brighter future for the next generation is unwavering, as she believes in the power of collective action to effect positive change. Tarnpreet first witnessed the level of power a community has when they work together at the 2022 3v3 Basketball Tournament. The event’s turnout exceeded our expectations, inspiring her to further dedicate herself to supporting youth initiatives. It takes a village to raise a child, and Tarnpreet truly believes that together, we are that village that can make a positive impact. 

  • Manraj Saran

    Manraj has been volunteering at Kidsplay Foundation since 2016. His first ever Kidsplay event was at the 2016 Vancouver Nagar Kirtan. Manraj at first thought he wasn’t going to enjoy being a part of Kidsplay but over time helping to make a difference in the community made him more passionate about volunteering. Manraj was born and raised in Surrey BC but he has recently moved to Calgary in 2018. He has brought the Kidsplay community along with him and takes responsibility for hosting/leading events and helping out as one of our youngest leaders in the Calgary Chapter. 

    Manraj is a student attending SAIT as a heavy duty technician. Manraj’s favorite memory of Kidsplay was the Surrey Nagar Kirtan when he would dress up as the mascot. Manraj was motivated because he always enjoyed helping people out, but his main reason for joining Kidsplay Foundation was because his biggest influence was his cousin, Kiran Toor, who is currently the Vice President of Kidsplay Foundation.

  • Gurjot Tiwana

    Gurjot is a 28 year old individual who is passionate, enthusiastic and versatile to life long learning and teaching.

    Currently employed with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) as a Correctional Peace Officer, he works with individuals in conflict with the law and Aboriginal affairs. Prior to his employment with CSC he was working with youth in the province of Alberta at the Calgary Young Offenders Centre (CYOC).

    His commitment and drive towards positive change has governed him to always give back to communities and people that are facing challenging times. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of Athabasca, he has committed himself to volunteering with the Calgary Crime Stoppers Association previously and currently with The Kids Play Foundation as he believes positive change is a path forward to a healthly future.

    He is the owner to a beautiful puppy Bubbles, a parrot Milo and also a husband to an inspiring wife Pavan, who all challange and motivate him to achieve higher success day in and day out; which help him to assist others in florishing and striving to avhive their full true potential.

    Aside from his work life and volunteering experience, he loves to blow steam by soaking in nature’s perstine presence and properties. He loves to participate in hiking, skiing, kayaking and swimming as they are some of the things that are very dear to his heart. He also has a deep love for sports such as soccer and running since early childhood as these are some of the things that allow him to keep healthly for a clear, free and consicous mind that is critical and crucial in carrying out day to day duties whether at work or at home with his friends and loved ones.

    His future goal is to become an Officer with the Clagary Police Service as he has dedicated to work harder and harder each day; along with his passion towards helping people and giving back to communities to achieve this goal.

  • Sandip Singh

    Sandip has been  a volunteer with KidsPlay Foundation Calgary since its start in Calgary in 2020. He currently works as an Estimator in the construction field. He grew up in India and came to Canada 10 years ago to pursue further education. Growing up he was fortunate to have a positive influence around him in the form of parents, friends, and cousins who kept him focused and on the right path in life. Volunteering for KidsPlay gives him a purpose to help, guide, and support our youth the same way he was supported by keeping  the youth focused on their goal in life and keeping them away from a lifestyle of gangs, drugs, and violence. Service to the community is a part of his faith which keeps him motivated to give back to the community

    He has volunteered at all the events held by Calgary team which includes – Skating night, Toy drives, Food Drives, Basketball tournament, Football and Soccer event.

    “I strongly feel that no kids should trickle down the wrong path due to lack of guidance and mentorship. We as a community are responsible for the actions of our youth. If we don’t point them in the right direction, we don’t have the right to point fingers at others for not doing their part”

    In his free time he likes to golf and spend time with family and friends

    His future goals are to become a police officer to keep our community safe and give back to his community. “I would want to be more involved in community policing”.

  • Harman Kals

    Harman started his career as a Correctional Peace officer in 2014. Working in the Correctional environment for 6+ years, Harman saw the choices certain youth were making, and the results were either jail sentences or worse. Harman firsthand witnessed organized retail crime and its deep rooted connections to highly organized gangs, taking advantage of vulnerable youth for their benefit. Harman saw vulnerable young adults being targeted, exploited, and used for profits. Retail crime was a gateway entry for many adolescents into the gang lifestyle. Harman first hand witnessed the same young adults he had dealt with in the retail industry now incarcerated, serving jail time within the Provincial/Federal Corrections system. The same youth, now adults, had deep involvements into the gangs and were convicted of serious criminal/violent offenses. Many of them lacked the parental figure, positive role model, and were seeking a sense of belonging, a team environment where they could feel safe, feel wanted. 

    Harman has been volunteering with various organizations since 2010 including Law Enforcement Torch Run since 2014. Harman landed another career opportunity with the City of Calgary, Transit Public Safety as a Transit Peace officer. Harman now is a Sergeant for Transit Public Safety. Harman began to volunteer with Kids Play in 2021. Kids Play has provided Harman the opportunity of giving back to the community and to provide mentorship to others. This has further enhanced Harman’s capabilities to help young adults with career aspirations and to direct them towards a better future. 

    KidsPlay has been instrumental to Harman’s own personal development as well, as he continues to learn from others and adapt to our ever changing environment. 

    “What keeps me motivated to continue to volunteer at the KidsPlay events is being able to witness the ongoing development of our youth volunteers, leaders, and participants. We get to be a part of the evolving journey of our volunteers, where they carve out their own career paths whether it’s in Law Enforcement or other amazing professions, and become leaders.”

  • Gurleen Sohi

    Gurleen Sohi has been an active volunteer with KidsPlay Foundation Calgary since the summer of 2023. In addition to her volunteer work, she has been deeply involved in sports since 2014, both as an athlete and a coach. With a background that includes being a competitive amateur boxer and wrestler, Gurleen’s first event with KidsPlay was the Multi Sports day event. Since then, she has played a key role in planning and organizing various events such as the Ball Hockey Tournament, Skate Night, and Reading Night. Witnessing firsthand the impact of these events on youth has been a driving force for Gurleen, motivating her to continue her efforts in helping young individuals. 

    Gurleen’s extensive background in sports, starting from a young age and including her experience as a competitive amateur boxer and wrestler, serves as a solid foundation for fostering community unity and promoting healthy lifestyles. Through her involvement with KidsPlay, she has actively contributed to steering youth away from negative influences such as gangs, drugs, and violence. Gurleen strongly believes in the transformative power of sports and community engagement, recognizing how these factors can positively influence youth and guide them towards constructive paths. Her dedication lies in creating positive change within the community, ensuring that every child has equal opportunities to pursue their interests and aspirations. 

    Gurleen believes that KidsPlay is a family that continues to grow.

  • Lobjot Malhi

    Lobjot has been a volunteer with Kidsplay Foundation Calgary since 2021. His first event was the 2021 Sgt. Harnett Memorial Toy Drive. Lobjot is one of our younger volunteers who brings lots of qualities to our Calgary team. He started volunteering as a grade 10 student, learning many leadership and communication skills since then. Lobjot plans on completing further education and choosing a career path that will help him become a positive role model in the community for the youth. 

    He is a huge sports fan and has helped coach and mentor young participants at our events alongside our guest professional athletes. Lobjot hopes to continue motivating the youth to stay on the right path in life by prioritizing sports and educational activities. In his free time, Lobjot enjoys playing basketball and is considered by our Calgary team as the “superfan” of the Memphis Grizzlies.

  • Puneet Dhadda

    Puneet has been volunteering with Kidsplay Foundation Calgary since 2023. Her first event was the Multi-Day Basketball Event. Since then she has volunteered in a number of events. She strives to bring opportunities to as many kids as possible through this organization, while sheltering them from a life of gangs and drugs. Although each event has created many memories, her favorite event would be the Annual Toy Drives. While participating in her first Toy Drive, the togetherness she experienced was moving. The community came together to go above and beyond goals and brought joy to so many kids this Christmas, which is why this event is so special to her. “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

  • Sanjit Neil Samanta

    Sanjit began his journey with KidsPlay when he helped spearhead KidsPlay’s first annual Connect Skill & Drill Basketball Camp. Now studying actuarial sciences and statistics at the University of Toronto, Sanjit hopes to support KidsPlay in expanding its reach of grassroots philanthropy to the Greater Toronto Area, focusing particularly on Toronto and Brampton. Having grown up in an area where gang-mentality was often idolized, Sanjit recognizes the integral role KidsPlay serves in cultivating stronger communities that act as preventative measures against youth becoming involved in crime. Sanjit is always interested in leading others towards positive change through the articulation and execution of policy-driven projects. He believes that the only combination that brings about truly positive change is where policy with strong rhetoric meets philanthropy with strong action. Sanjit is looking forward to a lifelong connection with KidsPlay as he evolves from being a mentee to becoming a mentor for future community leaders.

  • Ravtej Dhadda

    Ravtej is our youngest lead volunteer in Calgary and has been volunteering with Kids Play since 2023, when he was just 12 years old. His first Kidsplay event was the 3 day basketball camp. Ravtej is known as the little brother to all of us in Calgary. He may be young but he brings a lot of valuable skills to our team. Ravtej aspires to pursue a career in law enforcement one day, to help keep the community safe and mentor the youth to do well in life. During his free time, he enjoys playing sports.

  • Jashan Singh

    Jashan has been volunteering with Kidsplay Foundation Calgary since 2023. His first events were the multi-sports day and soccer tournament. Jashan has helped us at many events taking on numerous tasks without hesitation. Jashan aspires to become a veterinarian one day. During his free time, he enjoys playing sports and is an avid fan of the Edmonton Oilers and Golden State Warriors.

  • Vishal Singh

    Vishaldeep Singh is a dedicated correctional officer who embarked on his career journey in 2014. As an immigrant who arrived in this country with nothing but hope, Vishal deeply appreciates and cherishes the opportunities this land of opportunity has provided him. His drive to give back to the community stems from his own struggles as an immigrant, where he experienced the challenges of being an outcast and the longing to belong. Fueled by his desire to be a positive role model for those in the community who may be seeking guidance or can relate to his journey, Vishal is committed to making a difference in people’s lives. He understands the importance of having role models to look up to, especially for individuals facing similar struggles. 

    Beyond his role as a correctional officer, Vishal is a passionate competitor in natural bodybuilding, excelling as a men’s physique and classic athlete. He believes in the value of hard work and earning every bit of success, a principle that has guided him throughout his life. In his spare time, Vishal continues to engage with his community through organizations such as KidsPlay Foundation Calgary in seeking opportunities to mentor and support those in need. Vishal is an active volunteer who continues to participate in and assist in planning events to keep youth away from the lifestyle of crime, drugs, gangs and violence. His dedication to his profession, commitment to personal growth, and passion for giving back exemplify his unwavering determination to make a positive impact, both within and beyond the walls of the correctional facility.

  • Quinn Sandhu

    Quinn has been volunteering with Kidsplay Foundation Calgary since 2021. His first event was the 2021 Toy Drive. Quinn understands the importance of sports and community involvement. From a young age, he has played football in Calgary. He has also played other sports such as basketball. Because of his sports background, he has been an essential part in our sports events. Quinn is an important part of our team as he has been part of the planning team for many events, seeing his ideas come to life. During his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoys playing football.

  • Anisha Ubi

    Anisha began volunteering with Kidsplay Foundation Calgary in 2023 with her first event being the 2023 Canadian Knightsfall Championships. Anisha has been an active volunteer in various Kidsplay events such as Ball Hockey Tournaments, Multi Sports Day Events, and Reading Nights-Skate Night being her favorite so far. She has also helped a bit behind the scenes in planning and making posters for events. 

    Anisha dedicates her time to making a positive difference in peoples’ lives through her position as a Medical Lab Assistant, as well as organizations such as Kidsplay Foundation. Beyond volunteering, she enjoys basketball, hiking, and traveling. Coming together with the other volunteers, we are fostering a brighter future for youth; one that doesn’t involve gangs and violence. We may not be able to build the future for our youth, but we can all come together to shape our youth for the future.

  • Rajdeep Cheema

  • Arlene Padnivelan


Toy Drive

  • KidsPlay Foundation Calgary had their first event and first toy drive event in 2020 which was a toy drive at the Dashmesh Culture Center where they collected 506 toys. KidsPlay Foundation Calgary continued the toy drive onto the Annual Fill the Sgt. Andrew Harnett Rink Toy Drive in honor of Sgt. Andrew Harnett who was killed while on duty on New Year’s Eve 2020. KidsPlay Foundation Calgary has been collecting toys with the goal of reaching 4601 toys in honor of Sgt. Andrew Harnett’s badge number. They were fortunate to surpass collecting 1225 toys in 2023 and aspire to grow throughout the years. 

Soccer Event

  • As soccer is one of the most popular sports among youth, KidsPlay Foundation Calgary had to bring it to the participants. KidsPlay Foundation Calgary promised and delivered a drop-in soccer event which was a hit with over 200 participants who came out to play soccer. 


  • KidsPlay Foundation Calgary hosted multiple annual drop-in basketball sessions for youth along with a 3 day Basketball Tournament in collaboration with the Bridges Foundation. The outcome of this event consisted of 300+ participants coming out to play 3v3 basketball. They were taught skills and drills by basketball coaches, and had the opportunity to meet and learn some skills from a WNBA player; Imani McGee-Stafford. 

Football Camp

  • KidsPlay Foundation Calgary, the Calgary Stampeders and Coach Harp Football brought a football camp full of fun and skills to youth in the summer, and reached 41 participants. Kids had the opportunity to learn from pro-athletes and have fun with their friends and make this a memorable event not just for themselves but also for KidsPlay Foundation Calgary altogether. 

Multi-Sports Day Event 

  • KidsPlay Foundation Calgary hosted a Multi-Sports Day with The Calgary Surge, The Stampeders, The Dalbhanjan Gatka Academy, and The Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation. The multi-sports day consisted of 70 participants that took part in a circuit of activities from soccer, basketball, football, hockey and gatka. They also had the opportunity to play with professional athletes from the Calgary Stampeders team. Further, the participants had the opportunity to have a Q & A session with some Calgary FireFighters and Calgary EMS and take a look inside the firetruck and EMS vehicle. To end the Multi-Sports Day, Calgary Transit Peace Officers came out to have a game of soccer with the participants! 

Skating Night

  • FREE skate night for all youth, including their families. This was an evening where youth got together to show off their skills and learn how to skate with their family and friends. This was a very popular sport as KidsPlay Foundation Calgary gave away 85 tickets to participants and their families for this event within only a day. 

Ball Hockey x Drop-In Basketball 

  • KidsPlay Foundation Calgary brought forth an afternoon filled with both Ball Hockey and Basketball! This event consisted of a sum of 70 participants. It also had a special guest who was a former NHL player and kids had the opportunity to meet a professional alumni athlete and to play ball hockey games. 

Nagar Kirtan

  • KidsPlay Foundation Calgary’s team of volunteers not only plan events together but also take pride in giving back to their community every chance they get. The group of volunteers got together during the Nagar Kirtan in Calgary to do seva and give back to their community by handing out drinks and snacks to everyone. 

Mental Health Campaign

  • KidsPlay Foundation Calgary and Punjabi Community Health Services collaborated on a mental health campaign via social media to raise awareness of the importance of mental health. They also engaged with KidsPlay youth volunteers to incorporate the advice, thoughts and feelings of today’s youth in the mental health campaign. 

KidsUp Front

  • Kids Up Front is an amazing organization that provides kids and their families with FREE tickets to games all across Canada. KidsPlay Foundation Calgary has collaborated with Kids Up Front and had the amazing privilege to give families the opportunity to see games ranging from the Calgary Wranglers, the Calgary Flames, the Calgary Hitmen, the Calgary Roughnecks and many other amazing teams and games. Many of the families that KidsPlay Foundation Calgary was able to collaborate and give FREE tickets out to with Kids Up Front were families that had never seen any sports game live and were watching their first ever live sports game.

Sgt. Andrew Harnett Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament

  • KidsPlay Foundation Calgary had the amazing pleasure to be a part of the Sgt. Andrew Harnett Memorial Ball Hockey Tournament at the Falconridge/ Castleridge Community Center, Sgt. Andrew Harnett Memorial rink. We cheered on the Calgary Police Service ball hockey teams as they competed for the championship trophy. There was also a Kids Play youth team battling it out in a ball hockey game against CPS officers. The day was filled with ball hockey, food trucks, fun water activities for kids, sports, and a CPS show and shine which included the Tactical and K9 units. This was definitely the safest place to be in the city that day!

Creative Day Series

  • Creative Day is a new program implemented within the KidsPlay Foundation Calgary chapter. This program consists of reading and art initiatives attached to a surprise activity per event.  For instance, the very first program consisted of a reading night where various Law Enforcement agencies came out and read to the youth. In the second program, kids had the opportunity to participate in various activities including art and crafts, reading and attending a surprise tour of the Police and Fire Stations. 


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