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KidsPlay Foundation in Calgary, Alberta

KidsPlay expanded to Calgary in 2019 before the Covid 19 pandemic. As a new chapter, the team went through adversities during the pandemic to keep the momentum going and ensure youth were getting the needed services and support. 

The team works in partnership with local organizations to meet the community’s needs. 

KidsPlay Calgary encourages youth to get involved in service to their communities and gain valuable skills and experience that will benefit them in every aspect of life. It will also provide youth with service opportunities that currently do not exist. More meaningful volunteer and service opportunities mean more young people will have the chance to practice leadership, develop individual strengths, and gain essential life and work experiences. As a nationwide initiative, KidsPlay is helping more young Canadians to understand the importance of serving their communities, and instilling a sense of civic engagement and global citizenship.

 If you would like to get involved please email us at calgary@kidsplayfoundation.com

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